An incessant need for creation is what led Monica De Mattei to express herself through art. Drawing is the load-bearing column, which has faithfully accompanied her works, starting from her scientific studies and architectonic design experiences. Vigorous energy conferred by colour inevitably draws the gaze towards her works.

After dedicating herself to experimentation with techniques and forms, she embraced painting as the most effective medium of her own stylistic expression, dedicating herself in particular to the depiction of fishes. Her works have featured in various exhibitions in Milan (where she was born and continues to work), in Italy and abroad.

Research developed by means of the infinite reproduction of the same subject which appears in incessantly different forms and colours, brings to life series in which the artist delves into different themes. From the earliest “Oblò” (Portholes), in which she depicts glimpses of the sea from within a ship, to the black shadows swimming in the colourful geometric waters of “Oceano 4.0” (Ocean 4.0), the fish-matryoshkas of “Maternità” (Maternity), to the abstract shapes dictated by emotion in “Primordi” (Beginnings). Monica swims through her fluctuating world and creates “L’Acquario Infinito” (The Infinite Aquarium),  where it is possible to break the glass of reality and approach the joy of fantasy.