Endless Aquarium

15 March 2019

Overwhelmed by a tide of pictorial waves, Monica De Mattei continuously paints a multitude of fish, sometimes even simultaneously. She works incessantly, fuelled by a desire for balance, a need for harmony. This creative insatiability inspires the artist to experiment with a variety of mediums and techniques: wood, canvass, oil, acrylic, lacquers and surprising inserts. We behold a mosaic of unique fishes of different sizes.In this sense, Monica’s objective is the creation of “L’Acquario Infinito” (The Infinite Aquarium), a travelling and fluid installation, conceived so that it can adapt to various spaces, moving and changing each time, following the currents it encounters along its path. In the real world, an aquarium is a tank in which aquatic animals and plants are placed on display. In Monica’s utopia however, this space is not delimited, it is devoid of borders, like a profound and infinite sea, through which the fishes of her imagination dart.Just like a work of art is the material expression of its creator’s interior towards the outside world, “L’Acquario Infinito” envelops the spectator in the whirling colourful waves of fishes, enabling them to enter the depths of the artist’s soul.