15 March 2019

Seriality constitutes a challenge in the art of Monica De Mattei: the successful creation of different evolutions of the same subject. This collection in particular is a tautology insofar as it is a “reproduction of a reproduction”.Indeed “Maternità” (Maternity) is the title given to these “fish within fish” which like matryoshka dolls, are nothing but a symbol of fertility, artistic in this case, which characterises all of Monica’s works. More than ever, her energetic voracity manifests itself in this series, where it is transformed into an “art of procreation”. The eye is the fulcrum of every Maternity and inevitably it attracts the spectator’s gaze. The same eye for offspring and mother becomes a visual and physical connection, the starting point of all poetic-artistic digression.Almost naturally therefore, Monica’s fishes become viviparous, giving rise to new species, small black silhouettes alternate with colourful pups. Each birth is also synonymous with a new beginning, therefore these “Maternità” lead us towards the similarity which exists between human gestation and a work of art, in terms of preparation for what may be the latest developments of the artist’s fervent creativity.