Monica De Mattei in Generali

16 febbraio - 29 aprile 2018
Banca Generali S.p.A.,
Via San Paolo, 7 Milano

Monica De Mattei

in Generali

for the exposition “Artisti sotto il Duomo”

Exhibiting under the sign of her own city is of particular significance to Monica De Mattei. Milan is a trove which conceals its beauty, revealing it only to a select few, whose curiosity inspires them to look beyond the façade and sneak into courtyards and buildings, eager to discover this metropolis steeped in art.

This exhibition is proof of this: here the corridors of Banca Generali are transformed into a colourful sea which unleashes a triumph of energy that characterises Monica’s works.

A small selection of her immense “fish” repertoire is revealed on this special occasion, during which the artist’s “general” style is revealed: clear contours, vibrant colours, the flair of unexpected inserts are the result of research into balance and harmony, while navigating the spiralling waters of her fantasy and creativity.